I'm wondering how I can make my tool/weapon work better.

so in my game, if you press 4 (you press numbers to switch weapons) you will get a rocket fist. so basically, you click to shoot it out, it hits things (switches, blocks, enemies, etc.) and then comes back. the first issue i have with this is that after the fist comes back, a lot of the time it screws up the aiming.
my second issue is that when in any level other than the first level, the fist does not come back to you, and just flies to the corner. And I know that that is the extractors and only being able to track a specific object, so I’m wondering if there is a way to make my separate objects the same object, or switch what the fist is tracking or something. (btw the fist that you hold and aim with is a different object type than the fist that actually flies forward.) link:https://flowlab.io/game/play/1416959

Use proximities to get the coordinates for the aiming instead of the extractors. They can do types instead of item IDs.

thanks @meburningslime, this will be helpful for enemies too.

Place a proximity block down. Next, turn off only do once and turn the repeat to 0. It has an X and Y output, replace the extractor X and Y outputs with these.

@meburningslime other thing I’m wondering is why the aiming goes weird specifically on that item after being un-equipped and re-equipped (not the aiming of the fist coming back, but the aiming of shooting it using the mouse pointer.)

? Please specify

@meburningslime so when you press 4 (now) it will switch to the fist. the fist follows the mouse, and when you click, the fist is unequipped, and it shoots another object type (named “fist2”) forward, and when it comes back and collides with the player, the original fist will be attached again for shooting.

my problem is that sometimes when the fist is attached again after the other object comes back, it won’t aim properly, it will just slightly move while pointing upwards.

Check if the timer is set on all, try playing it from the games list (because sometimes it breaks if you play on editor), or wait a minute for me to test it.


also it seems to happen most near the bottom left corner of the map

Has it worked?

set the proximety to over 90000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000!!!

When you misspell proximity for the first time ever

@glithctyrus i just set it to 9001

your wish is granted

@meburningslime i tried just searching in games, and I had the same problem. I’m using an expression for the aiming, with an always block going into eval. i tried switching the always into a timer, but that doesn’t work either.

and i wasn’t sure what you meant by “Check if the timer is set on all”

i think he meant repeat forever

Don’t use evals at all. It should be from proximity to pointat.

@meburningslime I’m talking about using mousemove to aim where I’m going to shoot the fist, not having the fist come back to the player, that works fine now.

Ok, let me check in the morning, it’s pretty late where I’m at.