I'm worried about Copyright Infringement. Grazer or others... Help?

Okay so I’ve been using Flowlab for a long time now and I LOVE making games from this site, and I want to show the public my games, but the thing that is bothering me is… Copyright infringement. I’m worried that I’ll get copyright infringement. So how can I make sure I don’t get copyright infringement? Is there a website with loads of assets and music that doesn’t have copyright?
Please help!

(I’ve created a new account because I wanted to switch names)

Ah okay I found this that grazer uses.


Does anyone know if everything is copyright proof here?

Are you looking for game art that has a permissive license? If so, you can try your luck at OpenGameArt.org.

The link above has sprites from the awesome Kenney.nl who is the artist behind the tutorial sprites. He has many, many more sprites on his website that are free to use if you like as well.

Ah okay! Thanks grazer! :wink: