A game I made when I was 8yrs old

I don’t know how I made it but You Can Play Or Download it here:
Play on flowlab: Flowlab Game Creator -
Download For PC (Zip)


Nice! Pretty crazy there were and are children that young making games!

Keep up the great work. :ok_hand:


I have like 47 games on my “my games” page. Most of them were worked on for like 8 minutes and then abandoned.

I didn’t even have a computer when I was 8…

I had to use my school computer when I was 8

I didn’t use computers at school when I was 8 years old… >_>

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I have school today and I don’t know why I’m not sleep rn.

Then again when I was 8 most of the people here probably weren’t even born yet…
and for those who where born they couldn’t even walk yet