Important (At least for a few)

Me an a few others were apart of @meburningslime’s education plan, and I know that this day probably would have come and I’m not surprised, but I should have not been too reliant on him. Since he discontinued the education plan I can no longer edit any of my games or projects since all of them are already over 50 sprites and I have like seven games, so I can no longer make anymore.

So all future and current projects have been canceled until further notice, I wanted to get The Facility working by next christmas, but It might end up having to wait. I don’t know when I will be getting an indie account or if I ever will. I just don’t have the money to come up with it every month so I don’t know if I’ll be paying for it myself anytime soon. This probably also goes for anyone else apart of meburningslime’s group.

I’ll still be active on the forums and stuff, but I probably can no longer help with any dev teams (except the ones I was added to) or any projects of mine. I don’t know if meburningslime will continue the plan or its a permanent thing, I honesty don’t know, but I will find a way to get an indie account (probably by paying) and then I’ll continue the projects.

Sorry for this sudden news, I know a few people we’re really wanting to see some of my games in a finished state, but I’m just currently in a pickle at the moment.


This is a shame…

Oh well, I’ll be here whenever the project is picked back up! Good luck @ManiacPumpkin !!

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There’s the yearly plan. I use that instead of the monthly plan. It is WAY cheaper.

Anyways, good luck, and I hope that this crisis is averted.


aww man im so sorry, i really wanted to see tattletail remake, the facility, and etc made.

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