important!!! Computer going slowly and getting bad popups!!!!

i didn’t know where to post! My mac said that i have BIG security risks!!! It means someone is trying to hack my mac and i downloaded like 3 firewalls and updated a software, the reason i posted this HERE is because i know you guys might help will anybody help??? Send me a link to download a safe program!

Oh no… now my computer is going REALLY slow and minecraft and roblox crashing!!!

dude, this sucks. here do the free trial of norton, its really good :
this is good too:

Look at this article also :!zgFqs

Hope this helped!

thx! I knew you guys would help! Hey, My computer is going faster :slight_smile:


Its fast and every website says I’m getting bad popups BUT NOT THE FOLLOWING:: and and also

and when i try websites like and it gets popups and alerts but my dad says its a scam


Gamesalad sucks, scratch is terrible AND needs code.
I was a user of both.

Supercreator :
you should try AceOfSpades at

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[Gamesalad sucks, scratch is terrible AND needs code.
I was a user of both]

i know they are weird because its HARD to make platformers in game salad and scratch and SIMPLE here!

Scratch sucks because its also hard to make levels and scrolling :frowning:

But idc! Flowlab is AWESOME
And don’t worry grazer! Getting indie soon :slight_smile:

GameSalad is HARD!