Impulse Sideways + Platformer Issue

Game Link: Flowlab Game Creator - LIBEROSIS

So the problem I’m having is that I want to be able for the player to impulse sideways but for some reason it’s not working.
The code is located in the “Boost + Slam” bundle within the player.

The second problem I’m having is that ONLY when I play the normal Flowlab way it won’t let me jump when on specific platforms in the game like the floating ones and this one:

If I try to check what’s happening in the behavior editor of the player, everything works perfectly. What did I do wrong? What’s happening? I am in desperate need of help.


i say for the platform issue its either due to its hitbox shape or its transparent pixels on the sprite

its actualy a w game tho, maybe add a wallside and dash?

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If you watch the code while the game is running, the “0 Velocity” Message is outputting into the Velocity behavior. This is causing the player to not dash forward. Also another thing, the player is moved by velocity, so make sure that you’ll still dash while moving and that walking won’t overwrite the dash/slam.
I believe you were trying to reset velocity before dashing, so make sure you have the frame order correct to and that resetting velocity happens first. (make sure the message is above the dash code)

The issue of not being able to jump comes from how it’s coded. There is a Ray Cast searching for the Ground object (or anything below), however it only searches directly below the player. You are able to stand half on a block, and the Ray Cast will miss the ground, causing the timer to activate and prevent the player from jumping.

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Thanks @CodeAlpaca! I was able to fix it. I feel so stupid now, but at least I’ve learned.

Lol thanks DW. About the wallslide and dash, I’m planning to add wall jumping and wall sliding sooner or later. The Impulse Sideways I want is more of a low-quality dash because dashes keep you in the air while mine doesn’t defy gravity. I decided to call that a “Boost”. You get a REAL dash near the end of the game.

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Sorry @CodeAlpaca I need help again. When I fixed the jumping it began happening again and it’s the same thing where it would only happen when I’m playing the normal way. If I try to see what’s wrong by checking in the behavior editor everything would work perfectly.

It’s the same issue of the Ray Cast not hitting the ground when partially over the edge

Yeah but it’s happening when I’m in the middle of a block

It’s not happening to me, is there a specific area that you’re getting it at? My assumption is that maybe the Timer is outputting the same frame you hit the ground maybe

It happens normally on the floating platforms or here:

Seems like it’s just probably the same issue. Those a single block, so if you and while over the edge a little bit it’ll still stop jumping.

I got rid of the collision to turn on the jump switch and purely making it raycast. That seemed to fix it. Thanks!

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Sorry @CodeAlpaca… another problem. My raycast for the player detects something while in mid-air allowing players to basically fly. It flashes the switch from on to off while in midair and I don’t know how to fix it.

Is there a reason why you’re not just searching for the ground?

I’m only checking if the ground isn’t there to turn on the jumpswitch and the coyote time.

I’m saying the Ray Cast is set to “Any”, why isn’t it just set for the “Ground” object?

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Oh, because I’m going to have multiple ground objects in the future.
Actually… that sounds kind of stupid. I could just have them switch tilesets depending on the level. I’ll do that now.

Also you can use a parent object for the ground as well

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