In app purchase

Plz someone tell how to make in app purchase


I already told you is some of your other discussions, but anyways…
In-app purchases are not possible on Flowlab.


Hi @Superstargames can u tell me how to make arrow like on the picture and when u put ur finger into the green the arrow appear and when u remove ur finger from the screen the object go the direction that the arrow directioned and when u pull the arrow it will fast and faster.
How can I make shop in the game


Hope u read my comment.


I don’t know yet how to make that arrow mechanic. I think @“JR 01” could help with that?
Speaking of him, he has an example of a shop that you can use.

Yeah, I have a Shop Example that Superstargames showed.

But for the arrow…
Make a long arrow object that has MouseMove go into PointAt behavior.
Then use the attach in the ball object.

IAPs are bad. You could ad (non intrusive) ads or charge money for the game if you want monetization.