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Hey, @grazer it’s me R0CK from the shader effect plugin topic. I wonder could there be a feature with an inbuild sound maker in flowlab just like Bosca ceoil and pico-8. Pico-8 is a game engine it has an inbuild sound maker. So could there be a in-build sound maker in flowlab, Maybe?

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I’m down for that, that would take game making to the next level!

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@ManiacPumpkin, ya.


I would LOVE a sound/music maker in Flowlab. So many possibilities and new avenues would be opened with this feature.

sign me up woould make the average joes feel great about not having to pay for fl studio

I’d be down for a sound maker

This sounds amazing and kind of goes with the fit of having a pixel art emitter in @R0CK this is a very great idea you have massive brain :nerd_face:

There are some default Flowlab sound effects that can be very useful, especially if strung together or stacked on top of themselves. I would settle for any indicator for how long a sound effect is in flowlab. Sometimes I want a short sound but all I’m finding are long atmospheric sounds etc. if duration was listed or the waveform could be seen it would make it a lot more usable.

If I can’t cobble something together from the F’lab defaults could have a different sound block maybe could a note block and you would be able to create your own sounds without the behavior

that would be a great addition