In-game events

Something cool I thought of is adding events to your game, once complete. Think of it like this.

On Halloween, you add a boss battle in your game, killing it sets a number 0 to 1, filtering you unlocking a Halloween exclusive item.

Even if you delete the boss, after the game saves, the 0 will always be a 1 for players that unlocked it. Nobody else can unlock that item after Halloween.

The item will remain in game, but the boss does not have to, because the boss is the number trigger and the number is saved at 1.

It doesn’t have to be a boss, anything can trigger the event.

Use this idea if you finish your game or want to give out beta tester exclusive items.

i think the save progress will reset (because its saved on flowlab account i guess) when you download the game to your computer

But nice idea… that would be cool to do

I really have no idea what the save function does or if grazer plans to expand on it. If you could download your save file and transfer it between devices, that would be nice. I don’t know if it stores in cloud or saves to a folder on your computer like flash games do.

This would probably be why save states would help