I have made my character able to collect coins, and for one i need help with saving the coin count as it goes to each level, but I also want to make a in game shop where you can ‘buy’ different characters. Is it even possible?

Yes it is. The Graveyard has a great example, but beware, the code is scary! Just make it to where when 6ou click on a character in the shop, it will test for how much money you have. If you have that much money or more, then it will subtract the proce and emit the character. PS use a save block for multiple level shops.

Yeah, but it can be very complex depending on what you want to do or how you want your shop.
There aren’t too many games with a shop system, but creating one doesn’t have to be very complicated.
I’ve created a shop in my game DRIVE that I am very proud of… and probably isn’t recomended to try yourself. I could probably help if you want to try to get a basic shop system in your game.

Some that isn’t too complex are:

Some that are very complex and uses several saves are:

can you show me

For making a shop; the basic idea I could think of is somewhat simular to StarBlast 2’s shop.

  • You need at least 3 (or more) saves, one for your money, one for chosen character and one for after puchase of that character.
  • You need to put all the characters as each thier own animation on your playable character, the save will chose which animation/character your playing as.
  • Create all your characters seperately to be chosen in the shop.
  • characters that are purchasable needs a switch if is and is’t puchased, use an expression with A as the save of your money and B to the price you want. If budget is below 0 then you can’t get that character. After puchase, you give a save to your selection for the player to use later outside the shop.

I have created the basic version of a shop that I can do,
you need to open editor and go to the shop level: