Infinite Loop Problems

I have a set of UI Objects, that every other time the game is loaded and they are clicked cause an infinite loop warning, I’ve looked through the code and nothing is wrong, but after every refresh they are fine, until I go into edit and back out, then they cause another loop.

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If you are seeing an infinite loop warning, then there is 100% certain an infinite loop in the logic somewhere. That error is triggered by your browser catching a crash.

What was the last thing that was changed before you started getting this error?

Post a link to your game, there is no way to track down the loop without seeing your logic.

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Every “Operator” Object does this.
But the fact that it doesn’t happen the first load is very strange.

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I’m not seeing any error. If it doesn’t happen on every load, it could be something related to the order things are happening.

It is easy to create an infinite loop accidentally with:

  1. Messages: if you send a message to an object, and that object sends a message as a result, that ends up activating the first message again, this will cause an infinite loop

  2. Globals: if the result of a Global’s output ends up updating that same global somewhere else, this will cause an infinite loop

  3. Spawn: This is the most common cause of infinite loops that I’ve seen. This usually happens from an object spawning a copy of itself.

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