Infinite Loop Somehow?

How is this an infinite loop?

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If you link the game I can see what the problem is. it seems fine otherwise, but maybe you hit a spike/enemy when you restart the game.

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That doesn’t look like an infinite loop to me.

When you say “infinite loop”, are you getting the big red warning at the top of the page? Or is that a restart loop where the game just keeps restarting?


is the player set to not restart when the level restarts? idk if somehow it makes the input into restart level stay.

big warning at the top of the page

game link: Flowlab Game Creator - A Dark Journey

If I disconnect the restart level it still causes the infinite loop so it has nothing to do with that. its something with the animation

But the animation doesn’t loop, so how would that work?

found it, something breaks when you walk on the spike

Which part of the code breaks?

not sure yet, but I’m looking for it.

it’s something with the collision, when it is attached to the number the game breaks, but when it’s not it works fine.

It also works perfectly fine in the editor area, but when you use it in the play window it is not ok

It works fine when I change both the numbers to 0, that should be a fix for now because the amount of life you have doesn’t matter because you die in one hit. This is a bug that Grazer would need to fix because I can’t understand why it breaks the game.

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ok, thank you for all of your help

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I don’t think this is a bug in the behaviors. I just opened up your player logic, and although I don;t any errors when I play, I can see some potential loops.

This definitely looks like it could cause an infinite loop for example:

Wait a sec, how is that NOT causing an infinite loop?

That doesn’t cause an infinite loop because the animation is playing longer than the input is going into from the router. The infinite loops happens when you hit the spike for some reason

i think i might have found the problem. when the player hits the spike it goes through the filter, and that stops the move animation, causing it to start again,

causing it to notice that you are touching the spike again and so on and so forth
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