Installed games now work offline

I just deployed an update that enables installed games to work without an internet connection. Games should now install with all their assets included, and should play properly when offline.

awesome. but I don’t have a premium accout … yet

I always wonder why people needed this. It’s not like they never have internet access right? I mean even still it’s not like they will play their game a ton. Oh well, still cool and useful :slight_smile:

I can’t get build to work. It loads a blue loading bar for like 5-10 minutes and then nothing happens.


mhx air you right click press run as adminer and your able to play the game in a sec!

That doesn’t even exist as a function. The game doesn’t build a download.

My dad won’t let me pay… At least I can hopefully finish my game. Will it work without premium?

I’m sure this isn’t right…

No that isn’t right, but that looks like a bug I fixed last week. When did you build the installer?

lol idk, before then. I’ll fix it. I haven’t edited the game so I thought it didn’t matter.

the way the installer works is that everything is bundled up into one executable package so it will run offline. The downside is that any bugfixes (or changes) that are made after you trigger a build do not get included automatically.

Is this fixed yet? I want to play this game offline.

will it be able to do that even if you haven’t upgraded yet

reply to boy box:

[will it be able to do that even if you haven’t upgraded yet]

I don’t REALLY know… I just wanted to say TRY IT OUT!

I need Help i want to post games my game called Impossible Falling (2014) Likes:5 Plays:11 please thats the game if you wanna play! Thanks.

This is not the area to post that.


can you make it to where free acounts can have 3 installed

Then there would be no reason to purchase Pro. So sorry, that can’t be done.