Integrated Meme Technology in Flowlab

Oh, ok, I understand.

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Sounds it would be better to embed something like this in the comments instead of any benefits having it inside a game.


But there are no comments yet. Also why do you think that? Curious.

I mean descriptions, I just dont see this being used in a game.


Oh. Yeah I see. But then the player would have to scroll down. Also the controls and description would get even more confusing.

Sorry to revive but I would like to resubmit this idea and let newer users give their opinion as well

From what I’m understanding from your post, I think we already have this sort of thing. We just don’t have an official meme-sharing system implemented by anyone related to Flowlab (like Grazer or Mhx Aîr for example).

There are already a couple of ways to share memes in the way you described:

  • Use the URL behavior in games to send users to webpages that may display memes.
  • Upload an image of a meme into a sprite in-game (I’ve seen you and a few other users do this a lot).
  • If a meme is auditory, you can upload a sound file of the meme into the game and have it play whenever you choose (something I’ve also seen you and others do).
  • Paste an image of the meme in the description of your game.
  • Post the memes on the forums (already happens, and it even has its own topic).
  • Post the memes on the Discord server (I’m not on the Discord server but I’m positive you guys do this over there).

All of these I listed above are already possible, so I’m pretty sure you already have what you’re asking for. Unless you want there to be a separate page that shows a bunch of Flowlab memes. Then that’s a different story.
It’s up to Grazer if he wants to add this, but with memes being posted on the forums and Discord anyways, it may not be a big priority. Plus, the Flowlab Main Website is for you to create your games and learn how to do it. The Flowlab Forums is where users hang out, talk to each other about game development, and post whatever is appropriate; that includes posting memes.


Perhaps grazer approved Flowlab memes could have their own page on the website, idk. What I am asking for in the OP is a feature like a meme behavior that let’s you manually upload memes, resize and crop like Google Slides, and even automatically update like a Discord channel that you have made to follow an announcement channel from another server (if you are in my discord server then you can see this happen every day with the #pgr-news channel).

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So you want a behavior that lets people upload memes to their own games?

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meme integration
maybe a file embed behavior?


Okay… I don’t know whether I should say I don’t understand what is being asked for or I don’t agree with it.

What I am Understanding

When everyone is saying “meme integration,” what I’m understanding is you guys want there to be memes to be brought to the games. But the thing is we can already do this:

My Issues With These Ideas (no it's not meme hate)

Why create an entirely new behavior for something if it’s already possible to do it (and very easy to do as well)?

Another thing is that Shrekinson describes that this new behavior will, from what I’m understanding, allow creators to:

  • Manually upload memes
  • Resize and crop images (like Google Slides)
  • Automatically update such images

First of all, the first two bullets are already possible. I literally just mentioned how you can upload images to your games, so you can absolutely upload memes to your games already. And you can resize and crop images before and after you upload your images to the game, so you can absolutely resize and crop memes to your game. So that is why I’m a little bit confused with this suggestion; you’re pretty much asking for a sandwich even though there is one right in front of you.
As for the third bullet, this has its own set of drawbacks. Yeah, the ability to automatically manipulate things in your games could save time for things such as announcements and limited time events. My problem with this idea is that I don’t think this kind of feature is worth it if it is for memes only, which seems to be the point of this idea being presented in the first place. If this was the case, it may be useful for people who like to joke around in their games, like Shrekinson and 117JOJO. But for more serious users like myself and DinoDev, this feels like getting a measly piece of stone when you were promised a shiny amethyst crystal.
So maybe automatically updating features in your games would be a good addition if it wasn’t exclusive to memes. Even so, automatically posting announcements in your own game is technically already possible, you just need to use the Calendar and Clock behaviors and have several pre-made announcements. Same thing with a new meme every day: use the Calendar and Clock behaviors and have several pre-made memes ready to go. That’s how I created a daily reward system, daily downtime, and seasonal changes in Pixel Sports, and I’m sure it’s possible to do more than just that when you use these behaviors; though admittedly it is time-specific, so sometimes players might miss the auto system, or bugs may appear that prevent the intended effect from taking place.

As for a file embed behavior, I still need to think about what the benefits might be, as well as any drawbacks that might make it useless or impossible to implement. So far I’m leaning towards a “not good feature” because you can pretty much paste images into the game or its description.


Why would this be useful???


Basically [meme] file embed


A file embed behavior? Hmm… Maybe? Though it depends on what files you want to embed.

How Would One Use a File In Their Game?
  • Image files (like .png, .jpeg, etc.) - You can already upload images to the sprites of objects in the game, or paste it on the description of the game. So I don’t see the point of needing a behavior to embed an image to the game when you can already do that. Same thing with GIFs, and it can actually be used to create animations for your game objects (just make sure it doesn’t lead to data overload)
  • Sound files (like .wav or .mp3) - Again, you can upload sounds via Sound behavior, so you don’t need a separate behavior for this.
  • Document files (like .docx, .pptx, etc.) - Unless you want users to read big documents in your game, this might be useful. However, I cannot see people actually reading a huge document detailing the game rather than playing a tutorial, or watching a whole PowerPoint in a game. I noticed that some gamers do not like to spend a lot of time watching/reading something in the game instead of actually playing. So if you make people read a bunch in a single sitting, you might make them bored and leave the game (or end up disliking it).
  • Video files (like .mp4) - I think I’ve seen someone suggested being able to upload videos into a game (if anyone finds it please slide). I think the response was something like “highly unlikely” to be added, but I could be wrong. Anyways, I think being able to upload video files to a game will be good, as it makes it easier to add cutscenes to a game without relying on the engine itself. Now the only concern is the space that the video might take up. The size of a video file depends on the video quality and length. Again, I’d recommend avoiding making your videos too long; not only will it increase the file size, but your audience might get bored (see previous bullet).
  • Applications (like .exe and .html) - Flowlab is not that powerful, especially since it runs on a web browser. Some of you guys in the Memes Channel say that having two tabs running Flowlab games is already taxing on your computer. Imagine trying to run an Unreal Engine game in Flowlab, or some other kind of big software. Your computer would turn into a nuke at that point.

I might be missing a few other file types, but for now, this is all.

So far from what I can tell by what you’re saying, you want a file embed system so that it can make it easier to put memes in your games. It’s already possible to put memes in your games, you don’t need to embed a file into your game to share them.

I’m sorry, but I’m not fully onboard with this idea. I don’t think we should add a file embed behavior for the sake of memes when you can already upload an image of a meme into an object in the game. And from my list above, it seems that only video files would prove useful or effective. Now comes the question: is it possible to add video uploading to Flowlab? At this point I’m not an expert, so we’ll need to wait and see.

TL;DR - There is not much of a reason to add a file embed behavior, nor does it seem plausible given Flowlab’s limitation as a website.


Sorry to revive this topic but I think I know what I mean now. Okay so what I mean is that you know how you go on a social media and the posts are different every time like a feed? That’s what I want a feature for in Flowlab, so I can post memes in the game.

like youtube recommended

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No, like Reddit memes

But YT style could possible?

also reddit is blocked on school computer + i’ve never used it

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If you are asking for the ability for the creator of the game to post several things in a game that are different each time the game is loaded, then this is already possible.

… or just use a Router Behavior to change the memes every load instead of a specific time period.

If you are asking for the ability for players to post stuff in-game (like typing in a chat system or something similar), then I guess it would be interesting. It is possible to write a chat system in a game, but it would be complicated, and take ages to get working the way you want. Posting images, however, is currently impossible. I just hope that it is used wisely, and people don’t post inappropriate stuff all over your games.


Nah I mean basically me posting memes about my Flowlab games in a sort of mini-subreddit within one of the game’s levels

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