inventory help basically you have 7 inventory slots the first slot is where the currently selected item is placed.the rest hold items and save them between levles,some items are stackable such as arrows,healing items,food ect.theyd have a max capasity of say 64 per slot.if each slot is taken other items cant be picked up until you make space. @“JR 01” @meburingslime @thebrickccentric

Once I fix my inventory system you may gladly look over it for ideas. I dont have stackable items but I made it so when you go over an item and press E it will pick up and go to the inventory. If there is something in the first two slots then the third item will go to the third slot if its open. This system is far from complete and still need a lot of work to it but you can look it over if you want.

The game is called Dungeon RPG
I would send you a link but Im on my phone.

Edit also if you right click an item it will drop it. This feature dont work for anything except the first slot if theres an item there.