Invert a signal

How do you invert a signal (i.e. 1->0 or 0->1)? I’m trying to make a jumping mechanic and i made it so being on the ground enables jumping, but I’m trying to make it so not being on on the ground disables it, but there is only a hit output on collision blocks. I already tried to run outputs from the same block into both ends of a NOR gate, but for some reason that’s just always positive

The traditional way to make the jump doesn’t work?

There is a bundle in behaviours with controls… That may contain what you want

a NOR gate inverts the signal (A one-input NOR is the same as (NOT)). It will always be on, unless there is an input that is active. I’m guessing that the issue you’re seeing is that the collision trigger only activates once when two objects collide.