IOS export (test mode)

Because Apple is very picky about the apps they have on the store, Id like to propose a way for us to test our games on IPhone. Say we know our app key, we can enter that onto our phone, and the iPhone would let us install it on.

Basically, a way to play our games on iPhone without paying Apple 100$ per month year, and without bothering @grazer when we would like our game exported.

I’m not sure I’m 100% following your suggestion, but you’re correct that iOS devices are extremely picky about they will install.

A few thoughts:

Apple dev program is $99 per year, not per month. This is still pretty expensive though.

When you export your app, it has to include a file inside it called an “ad-hoc provisioning profile”, which has to have your device’s id inside of it. iOS will check this file before installing an app to verify that the current device is included. The only way to generate this file is through the developer center, which you have to be a member to access.

There is a way to install apps without being a member, but it involves using xCode (which also requires having a Mac computer) to run the app instead of exporting an app file.

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