IRC channel for Flowlab devs?

I find it cumbersome as a brand new dev to post new discussions for every single question I have. Would anyone else be interested in starting up an IRC? For those unfamiliar with it (where have you been this entire internet?), it’s just a chatroom that can be accessed by a multitude of ways. Usually, people are idling inside and answer/discuss when they’re around… but it’s a very useful tool for this type of community.

If noone else wants to get a room set up, I can do it. I just have to leave for work in a few minutes.

Okay, Flowlab IRC channel is live. It would greatly benefit all of us, as well as newcomers, to frequent/idle the channel. This will allow for quick discussion, troubleshooting, sharing and critiquing! So get in here!

Step #1: Obtain your choice of IRC client (mIRC, mibbit, icechat are all popular options)

Step #2: Nickname yourself, then connect to the GameSurge server[s]. You can use any of the choices on this list:

Step #3: type /join #Flowlab to enter the Flowlab channel

and that’s it! Please idle when you’re not around, it has the psychological effect of maintaining a steady population :wink:

Thanks for setting that up!