Is flowlab where games come from?

alright so i was wondering if people start from flowlab then go to the playstore and post while still updating the game kinda like minecraft?

No is just a basic game created for people who don’t know how to code. Which is funny because @PixelPizza and @JR01 are over 18 years old I believe and still use Guess the don’t know how to code or the are just very loyal to which I can see why since has a very nice community

But any way yeah if you learn coding then try getting unity or a game development software and you can make a lot more advanced games. For me I don’t have the computer to run the software right now so that’s one of the reasons why I’m using

Also to @PixelPizza and @JR01 please to not flag for this being rude cause I’m not sure about any of the information above I’m just assuming that you guys are very loyal to @grazer the comminuted and itself so let’s stay positive right. :smile:


that must’ve taken a while to type XD

Well I’m on phone and it took me like 2 min so oof.


some people who use flowlab do know how to code

Thank you for clearing that up so i did not have to say that i can code myself


i need help with the stars @The_Kodex

I can help you. I’m really good at art i mean REALLY GOOD.

alright go to the other discussion about my game

Hey now @Haevoc, at least compare our work before calling us out like that lol.
I create several games such as Escape the Rewind and have many examples to help advance and beginners with Flowlab. Plus I never really have the space or time to learn a different game engine. But I do know enough code to use custom code in the Expression behaviors.

Escape the Rewind:

My Profile Page:

Plus Pizza also has many games he’s been doing as well,
like the series he’s making for HighSchoolJacob.

custom code?

Yeah, you can do some larger expressions, as well as some haxe language in the expression behavior.
You can see some of it in the Expression section in the Bundle Library.

Flowlab is just too good of a software. I do know how to code, but I still prefer flowlab in every way.

Now answering the question that the OP posted, yes, you can export your games and publish them anywhere you want. You can even embed games on online game websites or your own website.
Aim to the stars! :star2:

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Flowlab is just fun and easy to use and you can create decent games with it


@JR01 and @JR01 I figured you guys would know coding since you guys are like idles I guess I have a weird since of humor but looks like you guys got it. Lol

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I think one of them should be @PixelPizza

Oops umm i thought i did but I must’ve goofed