Is it possible to make a character shoot projectiles?

I cant figure it out im a total noob when it comes to making games on this site.

Sure I can help you with that.
Open behaviors on your player object.
Drag down a press button trigger, set it for say “spacebar”
Now create a new object.
Checkmark “moveable” and then open behaviors.
Add “Always” trigger, connect that to a number.
Add any number you want but I recommend above 20 or the bullet falls.
I forget how to lock Y so it doesn’t, ask grazer later.
Now connect that number to a “velocity” for forward.

Go back to your player
Connect an “Emitter” to your button trigger “spacebar”
Set the emit to your bullet object
Set the emit to match direction, set your force to 5 so it doesn’t appear behind you
Now set the age before it disappears.

I would suggest you add a “collision” “any” to “destroyer” for your bullet object so its not sliding up and down the wall until it disappears.

Hope I helped :slight_smile:

My character just falls down

Could you show us the game so we have a better idea what you are having trouble with? (play game, share{under game}, copy link)