Is it possible to Make a Top Gear Tier Level Racing Game in Flowlab?

In Flowlab, it is obvious iy started designed dor making 2d platformers. And then Flowlab grew in numbers, and top down games grew in popularity too. Now, experienced and talented Flowlabbers like @“JR 01” , @todorrobot , @PixelPizza and of course @grazer revolutioniesed the system, from the flowjam winning Dance game Tonight to The game that looks as if played on a gameboy, Flowlabers have pished the boubdries of this engine and made kt into one of the best modern game creating systems. So, I ask myself, is it possible, to make a 2D game, that kinda looks 3D Racing Game, on a similar level to Top Gear.

For those unaware of What Top Gear is a racing pixelated game from the 90’s that appeared to be 3D. Now, What I want yo know, is if it can be recreated for flowlab in a new game I want ti attempt to do. Now, the video bellow will show some gameplay. After a quick look at the video, I will go through the process bellow:
So, Let’s think about this on a basic level:

First, the car spriye that never moves, this is not mainly focoused on arr, mainly the coding, so let’s not go into any detail about that. Basically, the car would be easier than the rest to code.

The Road, again, is art, whixh has a major role to play, but mainly is focused on the road. For 3 laps we would do the same track 3 times with the finish at the end.

Coding the grass and maybe signs is a little different. If we were to only have the track move in the gsme through a looped animation to show laps, the background of the game, whatever is behind the road, coild cause the car to slow down. Now, if we done a simple road, png, and imported it into flowlab, on a lower priority could be some grass block, and when the car touches it will slow down, sending a message to the road to appear to go slower… That will be hard…

Enemy cars. Ouch. This will be annoying. Maybe have it so when the player car touches the enemy car it is pushed back, avoiding any interaction with player. The car will be on an animation based on the tracks animation, so it can sync. Lets leave it there for noe. Obviously multiple enemy cars will be at differwnt places than the rest so… Yeah…

I am NOT discussing the minimap…

Okay, thats the basics! I say avoid up hill ot doen hill stiff. That is just tricky. This will obviously and enevitably leave some of you with questions to clarify what I mean so don’t forget to post bellow, there is NO LINK because I have not created a game for it yet Just in case this prooves too much. This is not actually the first pixel 3d Game I attempted so check out my Action Shooter 3D test game here:
And also Have a think about this, give more suggestions, solutions, ideas and of course, using our combied intellect to do this! I believ this is possible so let’s try it! I will recruit the help of @seamothmaster45 @GrimProductionZ @“JR 01” @Superstargames @“Johnny boy” @PixelPizza @todorrobot and anyone else that would like to help!

This is pretty much possible.
All you need is some math, time, and patience.

You could make it were the car has no no movement except left and right with animations but when you press forward the background starts moving your way, the other cars however are going to be tricky

Yeah yeah, @GrimProductionZ thats what I meant, with the road just following animations like the car.

this is definitely possible if you have a lot of patience and don’t mind having to completely destroy a lot of hard work when needed

yeah I can do it, seems simple

Its actually a really great example of illusion in gaming wnd how this is heavily based on art.

yup, just like Super Mario Kart 64 nes