Is it possible to toggle a camera off?

I need to make it so that in my game, the campaign mode will have the camera scroll, but on the boss hunt mode don’t? I have a free account and want to squeeze as much as possible into this game, so making an alternate character object is not an option.
Game Here:

If you make the camera a separate object that destroys when it gets close enough to the boss


use an on/off switch lol (if it works for camera blocks)

Turn off the autoscroll in the camera behavior and use the “set x” amd “set y” to control where it is. Use a switch to stop the camera.

Take a look at the camera in this example:

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Here’s an example of using a searate camera object like @Ramshacklegamestudios suggested:

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Okay @grazer, thank you!

Oh yeah, you should just add a block that follows the player and is the camera (you don’t put the block in boss hunt)

Bounce Jam has a REALLY good custom camera too you can take a look at @OrangePeel369