Is it possible?

Is it possible to make a shop for something like costumes like in the case of my game you win a game you get ten points you need 50 points to get a hat and you can only get the hat if you have 50 points.

Almost anything is possible. The question is how many weeks do you want to spend making it?

I would put some time in it think you could help me though @MhxAr

Alright so what you’re going to do is you’re going to basically get like start where you’re going to put a thing down and then you’re going to want to touch the coin wait, do you know how to make a score thing yet like where this shows up in top right of the screen with all that stuff, right?
Well, it’s going to be a little more complicated than that. Basically what you want to do is your going to when you get that coin and it gives you a point you’re going to want to make a store in this is how you’re going to make the store.
So you’re going to need some on and off switches and you’re going to need some filters for the amount of coins that you want me to spend for each thing. So let’s say that you have one coin and there will be no the same expect you to have 50 coins, so if you don’t have 50 coins then the filter won’t accept it and it won’t trigger the on and off switch. If you do have 50 coins then its going to turn on the on and off switch in the ON switch when its turned on its going to have and always connected to it . The out of this on an off switch will not give a message to send to subtract 50 coins from you which is going to be you know it’s going to send to the player to subtract 50 coins and it’s also going to turn on a soup you know it’s going to turn on that switch for your hat so then you will be able to use to have from your inventory and it’s like going to add it.
Probably the easiest way to added histo already have the hat but have like a big X across it and you won’t be able to click on it until it’s turned on with an on and off switch from a mailbox that turns it on from the mailbox that comes from the filter from the store so we know and its going to be a huge pain to do and I told you it’s going to be pretty hard but basically going to be a coins and then its going to go to a filter in the filter is going to go to switch and I on off switch is going to go to send out tonight will send to your mailbox for your player to turn on the switch so that you can click on your hat.
Sorry if any of this is confusing, I’m using the voice to text thing from my phone because it would take me probably like an hour or something to type all of this. You know I hope that this wasn’t too much to read I hope that you understand I can’t you know do that all for you and explain it myself yet. Maybe when I have some spare time I can make a simple store example for you to look at. Until then I mean I know basically it’s just going to be scores but with coins and the coin is going to send you know a message to the store in the store he’s going to click on a filter and the filter is going to check how many coins you have been so on and so forth through this the filter will turn on the on switch and on and off switch you know and then there will be no send a message so it will take away 50 and I will also turn on the Hat something you can click on the hat. The hat is pretty easy it’s just going to be a separate object and when you click on it it has an attached or turn on so then it’s attached to your player.

Wow, that actually came out pretty well compared to what I actually thought it would come out as. Still though, I actually laughed pretty loud when I saw that it managed to write down the word “soup” instead of whatever it was that actually said. I’d go back and replace the word, but I actually have no idea what it was that I said.

Coin — filter — on/off — message — -50number — on/off hat usage — attacher from click.
I will probably just make an example.

“Almost anything is possible. The question is how many weeks do you want to spend making it?”

I think I need to print this out and hang it above my computer, both the Mac at work and the PC at home. :slight_smile:

wait, so let’s say you got 50+ coins and you go to the store after to buy a sweet looking hat, how does the point system stay with you?

Lol, I guess it it a nice quote. :slight_smile:
The system stays with you by checking the appear on all levels box. You will likely have a logic box off screen at all times. It will keep track of coins and points for you.

Here you go, this should cover about everything.
Have fun, enjoy, idk how long this took, but I guarantee I made it look easy :stuck_out_tongue:
Collect 10 coins, click the unlocked hat, turn on or off the hat.
While wearing the hat, try pressing spacebar.

Thx for the example it will greatly help. Just One small Question can i have it so that when you win it takes u to a level and you click a dollar to get money then you could go to the shop and buy the hat. In other words my question is can you have the shop on a separate level then the game.

This is something I’ve been wondering too…this depends what objects you need to “keep between levels”. Mhx, what would you have to say to this?

See my game. I have the LOGIC BOX on the left that keeps track of all coins and score, it has the keep between levels box checked.
Yes, you can make a store on a separate level, but you will need the inventory to be kept on all levels too, like the hat. The player however, is not required to be kept between levels. You may want the player to restart full health each level, but if you want it to be an RPG, then keep the player on all levels. I suggest making the LOGIC BOX and inventory on the GUI layer. You can have a button on the inventory that hides the inventory by making the alpha 0.

I copied all the controls but didn’t make the inventory on all levels not quite sure what you meant by that.
What happened: the money "counter’ works but the hat can still not be applied

Where does the [Hat] message come from? The hat in the store has no behaviors.

It doesn’t have any behaviors in you example. so what should i have for its behaviors

I have a separate object that when clicked on, sends a message to turn on the hat.

Oh i think do to go to the shop which is in the main menu then click on the black button

I noticed that you didn’t select objects for the messages to send to. They need objects, or the messages never send. I’ve been looking for a while, but I can’t think how to make messages send to different objects, since they reset on each level. That’s why I suggested the inventory is always on your screen, instead of a separate level store.