Is my dead animation good?

Is the two dead animation burn and broke are good? one is on lava and fireball and the second is on the two kind of saw

Here the link to try them
Flowlab Game Creator - The Fox’s Empire

its fine, but you should work on your controls because trying to avoid the fire balls that just float in the sky is very annoying and I gave up after 4 tries.

animations are good but stop the character from sliding

The animations are really good. I find the game play very difficult. Though, that is also really cool. Me and my friend have been trying to get past it for like 20 tries.

Me and my friend eventually gave up and just decided to cheat it in order to see what happens.
In the first level I think a checkpoint or two would be very helpful. Even in the second level it´s feels impossible.

I don’t know how to do one i try to make one but i fail. If you can help me with that that would be nice.

I died twice on the bridge after 50 attempts. That bridge is super annoying because I just fall through it if I jump, and I can’t run across it quick enough.

Really? for me it’s one of the easyest part of the level you just have to jump very quickly and it’s done

Here a tuto to show how to pass this part video

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If a game is hard then it should stay hard. I personally think it’s a fine difficulty.