Is my game any good?

I’m pretty much finished my game just little stuff here and there i’m gonna fix. I have the free version. I’d love some constructive criticism!

give us the link to your game


Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 1.47.13 PM

not sure if troll or glitch, but this flag doesnt do anything

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 1.50.12 PM

Also, an interesting glitch (i assume) I found is that you can if you mash the jump button, jump off coins and launch yourself extremely high. In this example, I was able to jump to that spot directly from the spawn location.

i cant control the double jump thiing thats flowlab and the flag is fixed (:

in a previous game (its deleted) you could jump on the background textures witch was also not my fault

well lets start with the movement i feel like the movement on the bundle needs to be turned down a bit.

what is this bonus room? you can only move on the coin witch makes me want to not go for the bonus. you should make it so its free to roam. 341_121_CXQ8C95R8C87_en
in the first jump should be lowered by one.
also coins cause the game to lag. so get rid of the save for the coins.

why is level two so hard even the slime jump is hard work on that please.
id like to see a underground level instead of a end level

pros: i like the simple style of the game id like to see you improve maybe if at the end if you click on something it could take you to anther game like little dude adventure 2


thats all of my opinions @lolpinkshep

@polopearlobe The bonus maze is a memory game-ish i fond it fun and kinda trippy. i get how the first jump is pretty hard so its fixed it. i dont get your complaint with level 2 i just tested it and i beat it first shot. i will how ever change the texture to the flying blocks because they look wierd. i cant do an underground level due to the lack of remaining free blocks. Thanks for the review!

@lolpinkshep you can make it so if you click on something and ad a URL then it takes you to a second game about it. also you didn’t remove the save on the coins so it still lags.

@polopearlobe i don’t have a second game but when i do i will do that and i have yet to experience any lag

ok well see ya later then