Is my game lagging?

when i try to play my game it freezez all the time i tried in my pc and laptop can anyone find a solution?
my flowlab game: Flowlab Game Creator - God Of War

When a game freezes like this it’s because there is an infinite loop, I’ll try to find it for you


It’s in the “Coins Logic” bundle.

The filter activates and then adds 0 to the number, causing it to output through the filter again, creating an infinite loop.

When you get an infinite loop, you can still open the game using the /edit link

When you’re on your games page, you can click the “Edit” button to open this link.


Just remove the hit to +Total charge, as seen in the picture above and it will be fine.

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i did it, it work but the number of the axe recharge doesnt show

because i want it each time you get a axe recharge the 0 increases to one so i can emit out the axe (weapon)

Just do this

(of course, with the collision set to the block you want, and the emitter set to the object you want)

i meant that a axe recharge is a collectable and each time you collect one you can emit one axe to the enemies

but the number that is supposed to change for the axe recharge doesnt add when i collect the axe recharge

Oh. Then use this?

yes but this doesnt make my character move, and when i collect rechrage ( you see will label Axerecharge: 0 at the top left of the screen) it doesnt change to 1 and when i emit it minus one. but this code lags the character for some reason. i already tried to go on youtube for help

it’s not supposed to make the player move…?

i know but when you put the code the player lags for some reason. you put the code and see

It doesn’t lag. I can’t help you because something else in your game is crashing, and I have no idea what it is.

i fixed the problem already but thanks for your help