Is my Game laggy?

Could u play my Game and see if it is laggy?

My Laptop is a lil bit old and idk if its laggy

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Not lagging at all on my PC. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s quite difficult… but not laggy.

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Thanks :PP

Yeah I made it difficult :DD

Remember that there’s a difference between “difficult” and “challenging”…

wdym xD

Idk if its difficult or challenging bec I played it like too much so idk its ez for me now

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It’s up to each developer how easy or difficult they want their game to be. I made my first game somewhat difficult, but made sure I could finish it myself so that it wasn’t impossible. Some people like to play easy games, some people like to play games that are frustrating and take 100 attempts to finally beat, for the satisfaction of being able to say YESSSSS I FINALLY BEAT IT!!!

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Yeah xD

Thats why I made my game hard…
the first “Slimy Bois Adventure” was easy so i made the second Part Hard

If U look at my Itch io you see that the Title is “Slimy Bois Adventure 2:Rage Quit” so I wanted it super hard

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I prefer my games medium, personally. But the first game I made here, I made hard on purpose. Because I knew if I made it too easy, experienced gamers would yawn. And I imagine this community is made up of experienced gamers.

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Yeah I think they dont like too ez games either

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Once I upgrade to Indie, I’ll probably produce some easy games to export that casual gamers might enjoy. Or I’ll at least start off with easy levels and make them progressively harder, if I had limitless levels to work with. But free version is limited. You can’t have level 1 being easy sauce and level 5 being ragequit difficulty.

Games don’t really need to be easy or hard, they can just be fun… like my poker game ;)

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A game like poker though, is easy to learn, but hard to master.

Well, I don’t know about this kind of poker


Yeah I would have made the 3th Game Bigger but a lil bit easier but the 2nd Part Glitched away so I had to make a new Hard Game ://

Btw There were 2 Level 2 so I had to delete it Level One was level 0 level 2 was level 1 level 3 and 4 were level 2 and level 5 were level 4?!

Something went wrong so I had to delete it and make a new Game

It’s 3rd, not 3th… lol

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idc xD My Inglish is weri gud ya nuw?

Cool game! My first attempt at it, I screwed up. I thought I was supposed to click on the cards I wanted to keep, not vice versa. Oops… LOL

Oh darn, guess the rules weren’t clear enough

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I probably didn’t read the rules. I just saw the hold button and thought, “I’ll click on the cards I want to hold”. Threw away a perfectly good pair. :laughing: That’s my bad.

Now that I know how it works, I’m winning. :+1:

Awesome game!

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