Is my new game old style?

just wondering cuz my dad plays games like this new one also give me help one it please

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I think a link would be very helpful for this topic.

i just started it
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There not a lot to your game so I don’t really know.

Because you just started I don’t have a good understanding of what it’s supposed to look like.

its one of those asteriod blasting games im making the ship now

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Hey also @witherdragon4 can you private message me please.

sorry dont know how :\

It’s fine I just realized something I thought you knew something you aren’t suppose to but I guess I was,just jumping to conclusions.

any ideas for the ship?

You will need you’re player to be movable and is NOT affected by gravity then you can use the ship control bundle, and that should give you the classic space-ship movement.

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ok tell me how you think it looks when im done with it please

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done see what it looks like please!

It not on screen an it not move

i know i will work on the behaviors when i fix the stars but how does the ship look?


if you wanna help develop my game then join crossed sword games :+1:t2: