Is the indie account worth it?

to anybody who was the indie account (i know @ToastMaster64 @todorrobot has one) is it worth it? I already checked the perks and what they do but is it worth my 60$ ?

Yes yes yes yes I have it

yes, It is sooooooo much better not having to worry about object limits or if your songs will fit into the theme. I got my indie in December and flowlab has been much better since.

Same @ToastMaster64

Absolutely. I upgraded almost immediately once I signed up and never regretted it. Definitely worth it and @grazer deserves as much support as we can give him!

I would like to, but I’m broke.
I see the limitations of the free edition and if you have any interest to continue using Flowlab,
the upgrade would give you unlimited games and objects, let alone to export them.
If I have the opportunity to upgrade, I would for sure.

I’m with @“JR 01” ,I’m broke but if I had the chance, I would upgrade in an instant without any regret

@ToastMaster64 @“Johnny boy” i have 80$ and im thinking of buying a retro console like snes or the gamecube

Don’t buy the retro console or whatever, buy the indie account now!

do whatever you want man, but if you like flowlab, then get retro.