Is their a way to assign a value for each player to join (testing solution)

im working on a multiplayer (sorry for creating so many forums lately)
basically i want the first person to join be player 1 and the second to be player 2 and so on
preferably to have that value saved in a save block or something
also i need to remove that value if they leave the game or the next time they rejoin

I would think if you used ‘player count’ and a filter. When the ‘PlayerCount’ is equal to (1) then you are assigned this role.

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ill try that!! thanks

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Have you tested it? Is there any bugs when the next player joins?

im kinda slow im still implementing it because theres a lot that i had to build off of that before testing

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You can also test by opening the same game in two different tabs.


sooooooo it doesn’t do what i want i have it share the animation value for the bottom boxes but they arnt sharing do u know why

Screenshot 2021-05-12 11.57.26 AM
this is happening in reverse with player 2

also i always use 2 tabs for testing : )

So, the problem…
on one of the tabs, you click the guy. On the other tab, the guy does not show up?

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yes its acting weird

you know what would be cool?

people actually posting links when they want help-

i didn’t want people to play it before its bone but whatever idc

FYI @meburningslime hasn’t changed the object yet so i still cant test it

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