Is there a more in-depth tutorial?

I’m trying to make a short (~1 min) game for a class project. Basically, what I want to do is to have some pop up texts in addition to the character battling enemies. When the enemy is defeated, I would like a “key” (like a coin) to be dropped that the character collects in attempts to get to a “castle”.

I went through the game’s tutorial and I get how to edit sprites but don’t know how to make items collectible, make NPCs, etc… very basic things. Is there a more in-depth tutorial?

I guess my list of needs, though I don’t expect people to go through and answer these (though that would be awesome):

  1. How to make text pop ups
  2. How to set NPCs and difficulty level/fighting back
  3. How to make items appear after an NPC is defeated
  4. How to make items collectible
  5. How to set a level’s “completion”

I will help!

  1. There is a “alert” behavior in the GUI, take a look.
  2. There is multiple ways to have an NPC, be more specific
    3 look at the “emit” behavior.
  3. @grazer has an example
  4. Be more specific

@jngthree Thanks!

So to get into more details - the game is about metaphors in Creative Writing where professors are considered “keepers of the castle”. So the player would be a creative writing student and they would have to battle “professors” to get “keys to the castle”.

So what I want to happen is that at the start of the game, there are a few text pop ups doing a little explaining about the academic stuff I’m talking about, and then for the levels (maybe 3?) the pop ups would be an explanation of who the player is battling and how it gets them closer to the castle.

I am thinking that there would be maybe 2 NPCs at most and that the user would be required to go up to them and battle. Nothing fancy is needed, but I’d like the NPCs to fight back. Then when the NPCs are defeated, a key appears that the player picks up. The NPCs don’t need to come up to the player; they can pace back and forth.

I’d want the next level to begin after the keys are all collected. So the specification for a level’s completion would depend on the number of keys the player has collected. So if there are two NPCs, they’d each drop a key. Once the player has collected the two keys, they move on. I’ve seen a game where the player moves into another room and that would be fine as well.

I’m envisioning something more along the lines of a walk-through for the ‘levels’ as opposed to side-scroller, though I’d be okay with side-scroller if the other option is too complicated. there is a few collectible objects. Take a look at that
One more thing, do you this to be top down or side scroller

Top down would be better, but if side-scroll is easier, that’s okay. I don’t know if you posted that before my super-long comment or not. I appreciate your help! :slight_smile:

Here is a super simple example of a game where you just collect a certain number of objects, and it goes to the next level:

  • Look at the player behaviors for how to count the items and go to another level
  • Look at the coin behaviors for how to make an object disappear when you touch it

Here is a tutorial walkthrough:

Omg thangs @grazer i didnt know how i could explain this

@grazer thanks! That allows the player to get the item, but the score disappears when the item is captured. I’m not sure why. There’s a zero in the corner and then when the key is grabbed, it completely disappears

Thanks, guys! This is helping so much! I think I’ve got the hang of how to look at completed games to see how to do what I want.