Is there a problem in the monthly fee

Umm When I tried to have a monthly payment for 9 but it took 59 dollars even though I put everything to monthly payment can Anyone say why

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@grazer there is a payment issue.

when is it going to be fixed

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I don’t know, @grazer is the payment guy. He also made the website. Talk to him for refunds and payment bugs.

might want to go to a support ticket

Hey do you know how to remove your payment details from flowlab

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I think the details are stored in google, not flowlab.

Rip @AveryxAdventures $59 dollars

Payment issues are best sorted out using a support ticket so we can keep the details confidential, but I refunded you the difference and switched your subscription to monthly instead of yearly.


Ok where can I find the money

On your credit card statement (or in your bank account if it was a debit card) after your bank processes it. It can take your bank up to 5 business days to process a refund.

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