Is there a way for an object to follow inside another object, but still be solid?

I’m adding a feature to my game where A cat is supposed to look like she is carrying a taco in her mouth, and then drop it on the ground, but they have to both be solid. However, when they are both solid, the taco goes to the side of the cat, is there a solution to this?

You should be able to use an Attacher to stick the taco to the cat.


when you remove an object, does it destroy it the object too?

Yeah, when you remove an attached object it is destroyed, but you can just add a new one with Spawn or Emit to have the cat drop a taco.

I played the game, but didn’t see any cats eating tacos :frowning:

I am going to add that in eventually

for some reason the spawn behavior isn’t working…

Id use emit for that task

Yeah that would be easier…