is there a way for the camera to disable when mario tries to go back?

if there is, that would be great

Not without changing how the Camera works, the easiest option is to make a New object for the Camera.

In Mario:

In the new Camera object:
(Also make sure the Camera object is set to to Movable and NOT Solid with NO gravity.)

i did everything shown there but it makes mario invisible, how can i make anew object if a have a free account?

Oh, did you run out of objects?..

I’ll make a different solution later today.

@Mariofan2840, do this in Mario instead:

(Turn off both autoscolls in the camera behavior!)
(The expression has: A-224)

that worked but this happened:
Screenshot 2020-08-09 at 10.53.34 AM
the camera is supposed to stop when it gets next to the wall

@Mariofan2840, Add another filter for “Less than 6688”: