Is there a way to clear plays on a game (testing multiplayer) SOLVED

i need to clear about 100 plays off a game because through bug testing it gathered about that much

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Why do you need to??? The more plays, the better, lol.

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but i wanna reset them : (
because they arent legit

Nah that’s cool. No one cares if they’re not legit, unless you have, like, 10000 plays…


you mean like this

How many plays are yours doesn’t matter. The quality of the game, however, does, and this game looks cool.

i know my friend went crazy and held the refresh button for a WHILE

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You could make a play counter. Take a ‘start’ block and to a “+” of a number. Then take the out to a ‘save’ block that is named (PlayerCount). Now copy that same save block and paste it. Then take a ‘start’ to the “read” of your copied save block, then take the out to the “set” of the number you had earlier. Then take the out of the number to a ‘label’ input “value” then there is your own player count!


Literally, plays have no value-

If you want to know if people like your game, don’t judge by the amount of plays, judge by the amount of favorites it has.

If you want to be really sure, come to the forums and ask if people like your game with a rating poll.

Sorry… For digging up an old topic that is.