is there a way to get a game on the main page without winning a flowjam ?

ive noticed alot of good games on here that should be up there but arent ? how does it work.

Make a game that Grazer and the community enjoys!

@browngr hope after my game is done itll make the cut

@probablydon grazer also said he puts games that “Feels complete” there too

@“The Kodex” alright thank you

@probablydon @“The Kodex” Grazer says that he’s no longer doing it, but a recent update that he’s planning and I’ve been harassing him about will revamp the system enitrely.

@meburningslime yeah, that’s probably not the smartest way to go about things, and in case you need a reminder; Grazer’s a living, breathing person too |:

@browngr chill I was joking! I havent even brought it up for weeks

I know, I know, just in case you were, I can’t see your DMs lol

@browngr I have invested thousands into flowlab and at least a year of dedicated time. I want the best for it, believe it or not