Is there a way to rotate towards?

For example, an object in the center of the screen and whenever you move the mouse, the object will always rotate towards it ( sort of like its looking at the mouse ) but the object doesnt move. How can I do this?

There is a point at and a mouse move block, you can just take the x, y output from the mouse move and plug it into the x, y input of the point at block.

And it will always follow the mouse on the screen. And it doesn’t effect any other movement except just the rotation.

I’ve used the point to block before i just forgot it existed. -1 iq me. Thanks :smiley:

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Is there such thing as “move to”? XD That would also be useful for my project

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You could just add an always into a number (speed) and then plug the number into the velocity’s forward input. Then it should move towards the mouse, if that’s what you’re asking.