Is this a glitch?

My enemies seem to sometimes not turn, this makes them go off course. And sometimes the bigger enemies just stop. I’m not sure how to fix this, or what the issue truly is.
Here’s my game-

The enemies seem to go off-course because the hit box of the direction arrows are not 1x1 tile large. To combat this, make an outline around the whole outer layer of the sprite or fill it up.

Example: Arrow_Fill

This alone does not solve the problem completely. You still have to do the same thing with the enemies, but you don’t need to fill in the empty space for their animations because their original hit box will be preserved. And instead of a circle, make them rectangle shaped.

Now I didn’t encounter any “bigger” enemies yet, unless you are talking about the sprite labelled “Heavy Enemy”, so I can’t help you there.


It’s still happening, but now they just freeze because I have them on solid, but i’f i put them back they will continue to go off course.

That part I am not sure about.

I got this to happen once but it seems to help if you set the repeat delay of the collisions to 0.
Not sure if it fixes it, but havent got it again after setting all the collisions to 0 delay.

Thanks a lot

@“JR 01” I remember that. That’s the only time you ever asked for help LOL

I ask for help a bit too much

Thats what the Forums are for