Is This a Glitch?

I’m going to try to stay breif with this, so stay with me. In my test game, it replicates the rainbow effects of Starblast finale by @CrimsonBlackGames - An awesome game you should check out - and does so successfully. Kind of. In the editor, when viewing the code for the object and you press the test play button, it works. When you press the main play button, it works for a second - and then stops. Why? No Idea. Is it a bug @grazer @“JR 01” ?

The Game:

Starblast Finale:

I opened the console but saw no errors, so I don’t think it might be a bug. I think it might be a glitch. Whether it is on the server side or if it is just a mistake in the behaviors, I don’t know. The problem seems to be momentarily fixed when switching to different tabs.

Weird, clicking on and off the browser also updates the color…
and also adding a label to the color output solves the issue… @grazer


Also @“The Kodex”, here’s another Color scroll example that CBG used in his Focus II game:

So Im actually well aware of this glitch and I can actually explain it.

So, what youre experiencing here is what I call render freeze

In other words, the game is well aware of whats going on, and is not lagging in any way, but in spite of the sprites changing color, flowlab does not get prompted to render the screen, so you do not see the change. However, if anything else happens that would cause another render (such as movement, an alpha changing, or size changing) the game will render and you will see the sprite suddenly jump to the color its supposed to be.

In the behavior test screen, things are constantly rendering regardless of whats going on in game, so it appears to behave normally.

I actually had to account for this in SBF, but making subtle and unnoticeable changes, for example, the title screen sprite actually swaps between 99 and 100 alpha. Something unnoticeable.

Huh, that’s quite clever, @“CrimsonBlackGames”!

Or just output the number to a label like in that picture above and just move the label off screen

@“JR 01” yeah that counts as forcing a render

Yeah, sorry - this is not a Flowlab bug, but it’s a known issue I need to add a workaround for.

There is a Trello card for this bug already:

@grazer @CrimsonBlackGames @“JR 01” Thanks for confirming for me. I will do JR_01’s force render with the label. Thank all of you!