Is this art good and if anybody could help me

as many people know im making a octopus game with code alpacas help and i need advice on sprites and a background for the skill tree

here’s the art and the weird ball is him wrapping tentacles around himself in a ball and going really fast


it your new game???

what do you mean my new game

i want to help plssss

what games youve made

its a really complex game so unless ur advance or even a amatuer im sorry but ill let you test it

0 game i new soooooo

then why are you on forums if youve never built a game

idk what to start???

ok go ask someone else this post is supposed to be about pixel art advice

ok thanks good buy…

You can be on the forums if you’ve never started a game.

ik that this guy prob doesn’t understand what my title was and he was kinda bothering me on my post now not many people will see it because he did stuff

and you can but this is a game forum and i was asking pixel art advice and he was like wow you can build games

These are a great start. I suggest adding more of the darker red for shading, I like how the first images looks. For the rolling sprites I would make sure the outlines are the same size, you’ve got some thicker than others and it looks inconsistent.

I like the idea of the octopus tucking in his legs to roll instead of walking. I also prefer the second head to the rounder one, that extra bump looks goofier, in a good way.


the bumpy version is when he get upgrade and gets smarter

heres my attempts you are free to use any of these

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how do i download?? do i copy image??

IDK i used snip and sketch i took snip i copyed it and pasted it here