Is this possible..?

I want to make 100 outputs for the velocity but I don’t want to make 100 different filters. Is it possible to do it without 100 different filters?
Also how do I make a slider thingy (Like you drag a line to pick the power)
Slider thingy:

i dont think you can

There’s gotta be a way, I’ve seen flowlab games with a slider and I saw something on the discord about cutting 100 filters into 1 but I don’t know how and I’m at school so can’t check my discord.

You want to make a scrubar?

No idea what that is.

It’s what’s at the bottom of a video that lets you choose what time you’re watching, or a bar on a piece of equipment that strengthens or weakens the power output.

Yes, that. That’s exactly what I want to make. I’m trying to make a golfing game where you get to choose the power with what I know is now a “scrubar”? and then you click where you want to shoot and it goes that direction with the power you inserted. (if any of that makes sense)

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Use a global variable instead of a filter then. For example if it’s at 100 (max strength) then set the global variable to 100. This was you don’t have to make a million filters.

Yes it’s possible, these sliders will be made in my next project with pizza. This will use normal sliders, and the max and min sliders.

For just the normal slider, I have an example in my Bundle Library. Just search in the User Interface section.

The math will be in there too. You can set any max and min values, the values represent the position of the bar by %.

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Thanks to both of you, this will help me a lot!

Could you go into more detail with this? I’m having trouble understanding…

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First of all, how are you moving the scrub bar bsck and forth?

With the cursor hold and drag.

Ok, then subtract whatever position it started at with an Expression Block, and put that number into a global variable.

Or, what if I have them type it in? Then I wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of bugs or making it work if I don’t understand it.

One last thing, if I want them to click where they wanted to go, how would this work? I don’t know how I’d do it with angles and if they typed in a power and then click at an angle how would the game know?

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Like click what angle the ball went? Just have the ball face whatever direction the mouseclick is and then only propel velocity forwards.

Alright, I’ll try this.

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This may sound dumb, but how do I get my ball to point towards the mouse object, there’s a point at behavior but I don’t even know how to use it lol

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Use a mousemove behavior to find the mouse coordinates.

Could you send a picture of what you mean?