Is This Possible?

Inspired by one of my favourite online games i wanted to create something similar to this game:
In case you didnt click the link to give you the jist its tags are: Defence, Space Bullet hell.

some of my questions are as follows:
is ui, animations, stages, level select, topdown possible on flowlab?
if not what would you guys suggest for game making platform that would be more well suited to this sort of creating?

If these things are not possible then at least ill know where to come when i want to create my side scrolling adventures! (:

thanks for any and all comments. any help, tips or even a comment saying that this comment is in the wrong place is all greatly appreciated.

So all of those things are possible - there is nothing really “side scroller” specific about Flowlab, it’s just a simple starting point. Some of those features will be simple, and others will be more complicated :slight_smile:

Pathfinder is very complex. I think it would make a good command @grazer