Isometric Board game style adventure

Not entirely sure what I plan on doing for this game. But A while back I made an hexagonal based isometric game and it turned out really well.

Then I got the idea of making it into some sort of board game generator where you have a limited number of turned and you gain cards. Each card gives you an attack, spell, or potion effect which can be used to heal your character, fight an enemy (different cards give you different ranges) and spells can be used to harm enemies anywhere on the board.

Now here is what I plan on doing. I don’t know if I’ll add any type of story or anything to the game itself, it might even just be a simple dungeon crawler that is board game based, but I’m not entirely sure on the details yet.

The point of the game is to be spawned on a board with random amounts of enemies along with it. You have a limited number of moves on your turn and you can also use a card on your turn, which would contain attacks, spells and healing items.

Attack cards can have multiple uses, but can also be discarded when the durability is gone (usually after 1-3 uses) or when the player chooses so on a turn. I plan on making it so like you can discard a card instead of using a card. So every turn you get two actions. You get to move (or you could stay and use an extra card) and use a card. But lets say you have trashy cards, you can discard one for the price of an action and either use it if you haven’t moved, or save it for another attack.
Attack cards consists of weapons that can be used to harm enemies on the board. Like swords, maces, and other short range weapon card will only have a reach of about 1-2 spaces from where the player is, so you might have to get close to an enemy. Range weapons like hand cannons and bows will have a limited range, but quite distant than a sword, or if the card contains a buff then it can go farther.

Healing cards consists of potions that can be helpful within the game. They can be healing, additive moves, and maybe some more, but I’m not sure yet. So they can heal the player and the moves can give the player more moves on the same turn, or something. Which these might change depending on how I make the game.

Spell cards are magic, so most of them can reach most of the board and some can even be able to click anywhere you want. Which could include teleportation, fireball, and other simple cringe wizard stuff.

Usually the game or round ends when the enemies are defeated, which you could gain coins to buy character upgrades like extra moves, health buff, and maybe extra card slots so you have a bigger selection per round.

Now this game is only an idea so idk if It will become a full fledge game, but I figured it could turn out to be a fun little board game based idea. If this game does end up in development, it might be a while since I’m apart of a Racing Dev team, and Algiophobia is still in development so this might be delayed. I wanted to say something to see if the community likes the idea and hopefully I could get some support on the project. Plus I want to know if you would play something like this, I know board game games like this aren’t necessarily popular so I just wanted to know your opinion.


That was a lot to digest, lol, I love the idea though!


How long did it take you to write that?


guys you literally just change the position based on the key you push…

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About 5-10 minutes. I type really fast.