Isometric houses?

Hello! I am experimenting with creating an isometric game. I want to have houses that you can enter, with collectible items. Is there a way that, once you enter through the door, the original house disappears to show you the inside? I apologize if that’s a confusing way to ask :sweat_smile:
@JR01 do you have any suggestions? :slight_smile:

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It’s possible, but quite difficult. @JR01 has a ton of experience with iso-games and can probably help.

Also, you don’t need to spend the extra time to sign your name at the bottom of posts

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Thanks @Galactian I’ll ask JR01. I suppose that’s true, it’s a habit for me. :slight_smile:

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Actually iso isn’t very hard.

There’s a pretty simple equation (if you know it) that will convert the normal grid space to iso.
The main annoyance with iso is that it can be a pain to lay things out because you won’t really know how it looks. And if you don’t use the equation to reposition things (and just use it for display order) then movement will be weird, needing to alternate between DW to move right.

(Iso is hard if you’re trying to do weird things, but if not, it’s not hard to code if you know what you’re doing)


Here’s a unfinished game I made previously

It was a bit rushed because it was made for a jam and I was very busy at the time with other things

Here’s is an isometric game that didn’t do the calculation, so you need to alternate between DW like I said earlier

2 other Iso games are from
Kiwileaf (A small puzzler), made for the 2023 winter game jam.
and JR (Which is… idk blocks ig), made for the 2022 summer flowjam.

Those are the most notable ones I can think of, not many iso games are made on flowlab

Also for your house, you’ll want to make it in 2 parts

The interior and exterior. When the player is inside, change the Alpha of the exterior to 0.

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@CodeAlpaca Thank you so much, this will help a lot :slight_smile: I’m excited to keep trying now