Issue exporting and playing android

I’m having trouble exporting the game to android, it takes a long time that never ends, when refreshing the page then appears the link (This link is always the same, updating parts of the game or changing anything seems to change. ) that even installing normally on android when entering it simply closes giving error. I know almost nothing about creating games or about the platform, so I don’t know where I might have gone wrong. (This is an automatic translation, I don’t speak English so it has been challenging to create this.)

Looks like I’m not the only person that was having issues with the app crashing on open.

This is a peculiar bug, since it doesn’t happen on all phones, or computers, only sometimes. It’s hard to figure out why. Some phones just might be old.

The crash when opening happens on all exports I tried, even the phone emulator on my computer.

Grazer has this on the “working on” tab on trello

Hey @Famy thanks for reporting this. I’ll check it out and report my results here.

@grazer Okay, thanks!

@Famy & @“JR 01” - The Android issues should be resolved now, thanks for being patient.

Alright, now I can make an update.
Thanks Grazer!


Worked like a charm, thank you!