Issue with toggle after the update

So I have this

Basically if you’ve beat the level it toggles. Simple system that has worked until the most recent update. Now it always does the second (bag) option, meaning it never gives the unique item. There isn’t any change to toggles, so not sure why this is happening.
But it’s kinda a big deal, due to it being in like 80 different levels already.
Just wondering if there’s something i’m doing wrong, or if this is just an update issue.

If you want something to randomize, you should use a Router and select randomize next route. Toggles will always switch back and forth between two possible options, not randomize.


It’s not meant to be randomized, the first time you play the level you’d get the top item (repeater) then if you play the level again it should switch the toggle and give you the second item, It does switch the toggle, but it ends up switching every time. So you never get the first item.

Toggles do not work between levels, so restart the current or loading into a different level will reset it. Using a global would be the better option.

That’s why there is a save, the save checks if it’s been completed or not. Like I said this system has worked for the past 2 months. Just stopped after the update

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Link? Also, what level/object is this in?

Maybe you just complete it already so the save is just set to 2 for you?

Nothing was changed around these behaviors, if you added much to the +Collectable object it may be taking a little longer to spawn? Either way, I think is would best if you spawned from the filter instead of trying to output things at the same time. If you need to keep track of a value thats going into spawn that is used from the switch, then I suggest my Input Gate bundle for when you want code to run in a specific order.


{"data":{"behavior":{"v":"2","nodes":[{"inputCount":2,"outputCount":1,"name":"Input Gate","behaviorType":"logic.NodeGroup","x":-270,"y":-192,"group":"12d1d1986733f349","id":"33f69aa61352fc49","notes":"Output when all inputs are triggered\n \nOutput B","n_o":1,"isMenuItem":false},{"inputCount":3,"outputCount":1,"name":"Switch","behaviorType":"logic.logic.Switch","x":-90,"y":352,"group":"33f69aa61352fc49","id":"33f69aa6d3ee4143","_startVal":0,"dataType":2},{"inputCount":3,"outputCount":1,"name":"Switch","behaviorType":"logic.logic.Switch","x":90,"y":352,"group":"33f69aa61352fc49","id":"33f69aa6bd6d3a46","_startVal":0,"dataType":2},{"inputCount":0,"outputCount":1,"name":"Bundle Input","behaviorType":"logic.NodeGroupInput","x":-450,"y":352,"group":"33f69aa61352fc49","id":"33f69aa6f781a243","portId":"33f69aa61352fc49i0","tag":"A","dataType":2},{"inputCount":0,"outputCount":1,"name":"Bundle Input","behaviorType":"logic.NodeGroupInput","x":-450,"y":416,"group":"33f69aa61352fc49","id":"33f69aa65599ec44","portId":"33f69aa61352fc49i1","tag":"B","dataType":2},{"inputCount":1,"outputCount":0,"name":"Bundle Output","behaviorType":"logic.NodeGroupOutput","x":270,"y":352,"group":"33f69aa61352fc49","id":"33f69aa6d508eb43","portId":"33f69aa61352fc49o0","tag":"B","dataType":2},{"inputCount":3,"outputCount":1,"name":"Number","behaviorType":"logic.logic.Value","x":-270,"y":352,"group":"33f69aa61352fc49","id":"33f69aa70a60ce41","startVal":0,"roundMode":1}],"links":[{"input_id":"33f69aa6bd6d3a46i1","output_id":"33f69aa6d3ee4143o0"},{"input_id":"33f69aa6bd6d3a46i2","output_id":"33f69aa6d3ee4143o0"},{"input_id":"33f69aa6bd6d3a46i0","output_id":"33f69aa6bd6d3a46o0"},{"input_id":"33f69aa6d3ee4143i0","output_id":"33f69aa6bd6d3a46o0"},{"input_id":"33f69aa6d508eb43i0","output_id":"33f69aa6bd6d3a46o0"},{"input_id":"33f69aa6d3ee4143i1","output_id":"33f69aa6f781a243o0"},{"input_id":"33f69aa70a60ce41i1","output_id":"33f69aa6f781a243o0"},{"input_id":"33f69aa70a60ce41i0","output_id":"33f69aa65599ec44o0"},{"input_id":"33f69aa6bd6d3a46i1","output_id":"33f69aa65599ec44o0"},{"input_id":"33f69aa70a60ce41i1","output_id":"33f69aa65599ec44o0"},{"input_id":"33f69aa6d3ee4143i2","output_id":"33f69aa70a60ce41o0"}]}}}

I’ve reset the save to 0 for testing, but manages to toggle when the object spawns.

I broke another charger so I can’t look at the game. If this is a frame order issue, the Inout gate should easily be able to solve it

It was a really dumb issue, i fixed it, All i needed was to make the filter turn off the switch if the filter fails.
Thanks for all the help though