Issues with Camera Zoom

So, since I’m a free user, I have to use different methods of acquiring something similar to a full screen. What I have done was gave the game a large screen, then use the zoom on the camera. but one thing that has been happening are collision issues.

I wanted to be able to click on an object, but it registers the objects hitbox farther than what it shows on the screen so I have to be right next to it, just to click on it. Which in my game you need to stay away from said object.

Another big issue I found was collisions and proximity also don’t work. Since it keeps registering the hitbox farther away.

Surprisingly though, the In view behavior works the same with this feature, but anything that requires a hitbox doesn’t seem to work with the screen offset.

Is there a way to fix this @grazer? I can pm you the game link if you need it, but I don’t want it public yet, since there’s a lot that needs to be worked on.


Actually proximities seem to work, but the And gate was just bugging out. So This actually is fine. But I was still having issues with the Mouse clicking behavior.

This has been reported by me and many other people. It’s easy to figure out the bug when you use camera zoom mixed with a cursor.

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Mouse and click aren’t adjusted for zoom, but I’ve made a fix around for this. You could use this example and use click anywhere to simulate clicking the object.

Flowlab Game Creator - Mouse to Zoom