It All Ends Chapter 1

All right you maggots!

Time to reveal the document of our greatest hero! If you never heard of this hero, will then you are in luck since I am only going to say this one time only. So open your eyes and read! I was his general for 30 years, and know most about him. He had a honorable death. Or did he even died…We never found his body. But maybe if we let you play his point of view killing people left and right with only just a blade, maybe you will understand his thinking and understanding of this unfair world. So lets get right to it! See ya tomorrow! Signing off!



why did you make another account


Make Account?!? I never seen you before. Sir you must be mistaken.

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Ehh? Why does this guy have the same profile pic as me. I mean my profile picture is not even a profile picture. When I first sign up and log on and started playing with the blocks, I came to the forums. And well a slash was shown so? Well I hope your game will be finished! Good luck!

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when you log in to the forums for the first time, it give you a profile picture that is the first character of your username, you both had _ in the front of your name so it automatically gave you the same pfp

But if you look at Etsuko’s name it does not have a slash so it should show a E not a _. But look at General Mad it has a slash in the begininng of his name, So thats why it shows a slash

You know what nvm I saw the slash…