It has been a while, and I need your help still

You might know that I am making a DND themed strategy rpg, but I am still stuck at the turn system. I am trying to utilize a two-dimensional list I am learning from computer science class, but python doesn’t translate well to block. Any way to help?

Here is the game: Flowlab Game Creator - The Mythical Blade of Zorisc - DND Story (Work In Progress)

And the sprite you should probably focus on is Fight Operation Block (game world). But other sprites you should consider looking at in the Die (ui).

What exactly are you trying to do? You said you’re having trouble with Turns, but you didn’t specify what about it is giving you problems


You know what, let’s face it. I’m just trying to be lazy. I now how to do it may way, but I wanted to try to utilize lists to make it easier. But I am going the way that I should have this whole time.

I mean, if you do learn lists they will be the easiest in the long run.