It october 1st,why no one spook?

why no one be spooky
anyway bc it october me make nsg Halloween game 2020
(P.S. the grammar in this is a joke,don’t take it seriously)

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Well my game Pixel Sports has a Halloween event going one, so I am be spooky.


@MetaNinja Huzzah!Spook of a quality!

@Gamer20 I plan on releasing a trailer of my current horror game on halloween, I think I should stop typing and work on it cause I have less than a month now to finish it and its no where near done.


HAKK3R 2 will change the ambience and decor based off of the time of year you’re playing in! =D

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hey @MetaNinja are you still working on porkies nightmare?

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Well @Ramshacklegamestudios, the last time I did something to Porky’s Nightmare, I made a 3D render of Porky just for fun, and maybe as an Easter egg. (you can see that if you go through the editor). I might return to the project soon, but right now my priorities are on Pixel Sports and Construction Man.

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@MetaNinja Porky with a gun

Porky is already dangerous as he (or it, he’s a robot) is. If he had a gun, nobody would survive. :joy:

Some extra stuff

Porky: Gets ahold of a shotgun

Micheal the Night Guard:

@ManiacPumpkin, @Gamer20, @MetaNinja, @browngr, @Ramshacklegamestudios, how do you like Halloween? Man, something I HATE!

For me, it’s mostly the thrill of horror that makes me enjoy Halloween.

what is in the blur text browngr

@nrypsjc you just need to tap/click on the blur.

ok thanks for that I’ll try it

Halloween equals candy!

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t like candy. Or any kind of sweets, especially chocolate.


Spook is an interesting word. As a gesture to familiar faces, it’s more of a term off of “spooky”. But spook itself is what would be to one, such as a horse, who gets spooked. It’s horrified, caught off guard, it’s… Never going to be the same.

You see, us people take these things for granted, make small jokes off them, but in reality… This spook your talking about is a terrifying experience for another…

Have you ever heard… Of the Horse-Headed Man? Because let me tell you, you don’t want to know the Horse-Headed Man… The Horse-Headed Man, however, really wants to meet you. The Horse-Headed Man sees meat as meat, and flesh as flesh. The Horse-Headed Man, does not discriminate. Hunger in the eyes, gnashing in the teeth. The Horse-Headed Man always desires that elastic stretch of the breaking tendons, the cartilage, and the subtle breaking of the flesh. The Horse-Headed Man desires the gush, desires the SATISFACTION. The Horse-Headed Man must TASTE, must FEEL, the oily substances of another’s body being forced down into it’s gullet. The Horse-Headed Man desires it. He desires it. And he see’s you.

What’s that? In the corner of your eye?

Do you see it? No?.. He sees you…

And he can’t… Stop… Looking…

You are his PREY now. His quenching water in the DESERT. You are being HUNTED. Let his smiling HORSEY teeth smile, let his HUNGRY eyes HUNGER, because they won’t be this way for much LONGER. Enjoy it while it lasts…

Life, I mean…

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me waiting patiently for the trailer…

and for you to tell me to do something with some documents…

If you didn’t read my first comment here, you can tell I have a ton of stuff bottled up lol

Hey does any one have a phone number I can use for verification because im trying to create an apple ID but I do not have phone (I know this is off topic but this is the most recent discussion)

Also my avatar is spooky enough.

Interesting story. For some reason it reminds me of the Long Horse…

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